"If you do not take risks, you cannot be successful."

With this very opinion, Kemal ARSLAN, our founder, took a step forward which would affect his, his family's, and all the people's lives, who would take part in his company aftermath. Appreciating the resources he had, and having the desire to set an example to future generations and establish a sustainable business concept, Kemal ARSLAN laid the foundations of the company that would employ hundreds of people, in the light of these dreams.

Arslanlar Ticaret, the first concrete step of the big ideals, was founded in Adıyaman in 1974. In this period, personal car, commercial vehicle, heavy machinery, comprehensive service and spare parts supplying services were provided.

With Arslanlar Kolektif Şirketi founded by Kemal ARSLAN and his siblings in 1986, contract work for public and private sector increased.

In 1989, Özarslanlar Tesisat İnşaat Anonim Şirketi was founded. 

In 1992, it was transferred to the shareholders of Özarslanlar İnşaat Anonim Şirketi. In the same year, Arslanlar Taahhüt İnşaat Sanayi Ticaret Limited Şirketi was founded. In 2005, Arslanlar Taahhüt and its shareholders adopted service and quality standars as principle and continued to create successful projects in construction and mining industry.

HBZ Holding, name of which we proudly pronounce today, was founded in 2018. Born with the information, knowledge and experience of years, HBZ Holding keeps moving forward determinedly without compromising on the values it adopts.

Gathering strong foundations, experience and knowledge, HBZ Holding has become a rising value and shining star of Turkey by growing rapidly with the power of its specialized, young, dynamic and innovative team and systematic approach.

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