Laying the foundation and developing HBZ Holding, and leading us to new targets with his broad vision, Kemal ARSLAN, our respectable founder, has always adopted ethics and wisdom as a principle.

Throughout his career, he has taken the center stage in every phase of industry, started new business enterprises in various industries, and thus become a successful businessperson, an experienced industrialist and a sought-after business partner.

Prioritizing courage, justice, business ethics and honesty, Kemal ARSLAN has helped hundreds of people to broaden their dreams by the holding he founded with love, hope and hard work.

A Unique Approach to Business Ethics

"Everytime we start to a work, we try to take the best course of action and be the best. Everyone who works with us must win, our country must win, the humanity must win."

İş Ahlakına Eşsiz Bir Yaklaşım

“Başladığımız her işte en doğrusunu yapıp en iyi olmaya çalışıyoruz.
Bizimle çalışan herkes kazanmalı, ülkemiz kazanmalı, insanlık kazanmalı.”

We Come From Adıyaman, The City With The Most Beautiful Sunrise

Always favoring unity and solidarity, Kemal ARSLAN first achieved this with his own family. With this goal in mind, he founded HBZ Holding with his respectable spouse and precious children. The whole experience of the family members enabled them to support each other and move forward together.

All Together To The Top

The principle of "Hep Birlikte Zirveye", meaning "Together to the Top" in English, gave its first letters to name the HBZ Holding, and is a short and meaningful description of Kemal ARSLAN's journey.

The integrated structure foreseen to continue for generations by gathering family companies and their associates under a single roof, has become a meeting point of well-educated, strong and devoted people.

Keeping moving forward with its professional structure, corporate policies and professional staff, HBZ Holding creates world-standard projects and continues offering services to the lands on which it was born and developed.

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